Termine mit dem MS-Exchange-Kalender synchronisieren

Synchronises Appointments between MS-Exchange and other Calendar Systems

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Am richtigen Ort –
aber auch zur richtigen Zeit?

Xchangebee ist ein Programm, das Termine mit dem MS-Exchange-Kalender synchronisiert, so dass Ihre Kunden ihre Termine auch auf dem Mobiltelefon und am Schreibtisch sehen können und jederzeit am richtigen Ort sind. Besonders gut eignet sich Xchangebee für das Gesundheitswesen.

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In the right place –
but also the right time?

Xchangebee synchronises appointments between MS-Exchange and calendar systems via HL7. Appointments can be viewed on the desktop via e.g. Outlook and via smartphone ensuring all participants are in the right place and at the right time.

A perfect extension to your calendar software system

  • Supports Uni- or Bi-Directional synchronisation
  • MS-Outlook and smartphones can be used to review, book or cancel appointments.
  • Appointments can be distributed to one or more mail box calendars ensuring all parties are correctly informed about pending appointments
  • Call us today and we will gladly answer your questions about Xchangebee! Telephone: +49 30 85 99 46 220


  • Intuitive Web-based configuration application
  • Uni- or Bi-Directional Synchronisation with MS-Exchange Calendars
  • Template driven mapping of information ensuring the highest data protection
  • Precise control of appointments and data being synchronised
  • Distribute appointments to or or more MS-Exchange accounts
  • JMX support for process monitoring e.g. via Nagios
  • English/German language supported
  • Check out our short Xchangebee introduction video!

How it works!


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Timerbee is the Enterprise Appointment & Resource Management System for the Healthcare Industry.

Appointments, Doctors, Patients, Rooms, Machines – Timerbee intelligently co-ordinates all the necessary parameters to effectively organise the scheduling and resource management needs of your customers. Helps reduce stress, save money and ideal for collaborating with referring practices.

Open up new possibilities to your customers, increase your revenue!. Offer this innovative product to your customers today!

For more details visit the Timerbee website timerbee_logo

Timerbee makes use of a 6-dimensional structure to maximise performance

  1. Asset (Doctor, helper, room, device, etc.)
  2. Purpose (Treatment, consultation, operation, MRT of the head, knee, etc.)
  3. Patient (For Whom is the appointment being booked? Important attributes can be deposited for easier recognition (eg. age, gendre, insurance, etc.))
  4. Expeditor (Who is making the reservation? Employees, expeditors and cooperating physicians can agree on appointments in a fair environment)
  5. Calendar (When will the appointment take place? Easy configuration of rules to define availability)
  6. Optimisation (Fixed appointments for certain patients or referrals taking into account varius aspects e.g. setup times to minimise the frequency of reconfiguring machines and therefore reduce down-time)


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Xchangebee is marketed under the AGFA/XConnector by our partner AGFA Health Care AG to AGFA customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



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